A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now

Carrie Brown aka "Ol' Shakespeare"

A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S

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By Asha Ariel Aleia

She was lying down now, in a room...was she on the chaise or settee?... and over her right shoulder, not far away, a few feet, was...what?...a fireplace?
Something...She was remembering what she'd worn - the long dress -was it pink or was that another time?  Consciousness was brief now, thankfully. She could not move. She was injured badly, she knew. As her eyes opened and focused, she saw him standing there to the right side

See her dress? The Sidney Paget work (above left) from the Sherlock Holmes series closely illustrates a similar dress.

of her outstretched ankles. He stood over a basin which had been filled with liquid (water?) and was now atop a small table.Well dressed, he had laid aside his top hat, but remained in his suit coat. He was wringing out a white cloth. The liquid was pink now. The cloth had been blood-soaked. Her neck was injured - a gash? She was too groggy to attempt to move it much now anyway. She was drifting really. Her neck hurt, but... 

"It's the doctor come to mend me," she thought,
with a momentary flush of relief.
In a very short moment - an instant really - she remembered.
And with a tone of resignation reminded herself:  It was his white ascot.

He was rinsing out the blood.
"No... he's killing me, she vaguely recalled."

And, with that resting thought, closed her eyes, light hair still caught up in a "do," and allowed the darkness to overtake her.

Editor's thought: She told me that she'd written a letter to "mother" in which she spoke about being "friends of the night" with him. The letter had been in a drawer - what became of the letter she'd written?


In 1988 and 1989, I was a practicing professional psychic, working out of metaphysical stores. One morning, at a store in Sandy Springs, Georgia, during the course of an ordinary day of private client consultations, a woman came into my office for her session.

As I approached the door to close it for privacy, I was met first by another woman, followed closely by a man. Both were well dressed...for the 1890s. I closed the door. Apparently unaware of her "ghost" companions, my client proceeded to have her session. What followed has been, off and on again, the reawakening, the revelation, and the assignment to be the voice for those who have a story to tell, who feel that we who are alive have a need to know...
those who have passed needed a messenger. While at first I was intrigued by the knowledge of things passed, I have also been shown over the years why it is more relevant than ever to be aware...
a matter of life and death... to know.

Who was Jack The Ripper and how did he come to be in New York City in 1891?

It will help to back up first a few years, to London, England - 1888 - and to even earlier years before on more than one continent... to developments in anesthesia... to developments in medical research... to money - lots and lots and lots of it... to a deadly intersection in time...


Rippers in America presentation:


DISCLAIMER: These are not my words but those of the spirits who wanted to tell their stories. If you do not agree with their tale... talk with them about it. I am just the messenger!

Copyright 2006.Asha of Antares.Asha Ariel Aleia.All Rights Reserved.
Image of Carrie Brown courtesy:www.casebook.org
Bowl and pitcher on table courtesy:www.museumoffloridahistory.com
Pink dress by Sidney Paget 189l courtesy: artintheblood.com
Man wearing ascot courtesy:www.janeaustensworld.files.wordpress.com
Drawing of ripper-type villain courtesy:herbertasbury.com
Image of stationery box courtesy:www.djmcadam.com
Image of fainting couch courtesy:www.victoriantrading.com
Bowery image courtesy:www.mcny.org