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YEAR 2006

Spirits say that "Condoleeza Rice will bring fruit to the table soon...a bridge out will be seen at her hands.
Buddies will bridge the quay. Formidable allies at her door. She will bring at hand a plan..."

FALL, 2007 update: 40 nations begin participation in a Peace Summit in Maryland. Condoleeza Rice is the coordinator.

Spirit says, "It is extinguished already and the mighty ones will be meeting in secret."

Spirit says, "There is that one of little chance that destiny brings to bear upon the mountain. When
fulfilled, will quiet the Earth. Brings harmony upon the plain. Denmark. Gullen(sp).Curren(sp).Treaties. Garland. 
Past remunerations. Stretched to appease."

When Russian spy, L. recently passed away from poisoning by radioactive substances, he sent me a vision
of a man named "McGurty"(spelling could be McGurdy or McGarrity or similar)
standing in line on a sidewalk wearing a black leather jacket. White male, British passport,
but could pass for American, Canadian, Australian, Irish also. Sandy hair, trimmed well.
Spirit says, "C-2...Can be had for big dollars. Now relocated...all smiles. Left behind for others to sort
through. Will continue to use this name for a while. Seen as a come-between.
He will bring back to work a little of his stage presence once he begins a new renaissance.
Becket...Present Location? Lagos."

Lech. Sven. Borishn. Barents (Barents Sea Region?)..Now deceased and sharing with us.
Some of what is being said: "We bring last judgements: tablets of red.  We swell results.
Barynnikov (or Barynnykov?)  Switzerland exchange for power. Phillips.   
'Tell his children he was rejected for the wrong reason: strategy failed'.  
Barynnikov lived to see his children grown. Another one comes soon.  
Why tell him now? His wise council was to bring together unions of
disparate conservatives in council chambers. (Melbourne? Or Melvin?)"

Spirit says, "Design problem on third brake of vehicle launchpad unit. After 12/5/2006..."

May, 2006:  Spirit says, "We are presently engineering a change for sed data to be given to controls on the East Coast.
Somewhat between the given entities and the domain of brother. A wheel. We are engineering a wheel design,
orchestrating a match between sums. That which is given pertains to the least
among you, the engineers of a project so vast that it can only be described in words
at the present time. Buffalo...beans The region below us is a belt--the sandwich region--
we stand between the isthmus and the burghers. Elephant ears at present.

Foragers see that we unite and bring density. We unite to bring clan through.

That which is given is plain to see. We will bring with us plenty of people, by boat,
to a region in an isthmus and then to a torch.
We plan to regroup there. Others will see us return. We bring poppies to the table. Dynamo.
Processional in disturbance. We have a plan that would lift us up a bit
to a higher level--quantum leap, funded by drugs, but the nature is divine. We want to make the last
of it heard--sound. A display that would bring the earth in tune with thousands of others.
Domino effect. We will be brought back into alignment with the others.
Could this kill humans? Quantities. Brethren thought this. Beautiful scheme.
When completed will be breathtakingly monumental, sublime. We are prepared for this.

What is coordinate? The undertaking, 5 July (year not given), brings a promise of understanding to the people below you.
To bring them sustenance, to bring them chance."

Spirit says, "There is that justice of the foreign beginning that points to a turning point in the war...we are
present...Gallipoli...Mountains-Zagreb-monastery-Twin Oaks-helicopter-Turkish "brother"
called Yasmeen (Yasmin-Yasmine-Jasmine),one of "infinite variety,"could betray him.(Croatia-Turkey area)
OBL moves about with cavalcade and will be in approximate area. Two days
of distension, two brief attacks of pyloris, respite, quit. An attack,
given over to pain,twice rousted, debriefed and given pr__,
then novocaine for the injections. There is that given, far below, to do on a Wednesday. We bring news of foreign
headlines. We bring reports of his defeat. We make it brief, the avenging of a prophet.
We give it good light for a feast. The prophet Mohammad would bring it
to bear in a closet. He will bring his troops to bear one more time to trial.
He will end hostilities at once. He will find at hand a good life brought by another of his colleagues.

We bring glad tidings of spring, when all will be well. The war will end with a whimper.
A glad crowd will give it its shout reward."

Note: In an old 2004 image, I saw him on a wide ledge on a very high peak, with a helicopter
either landing on the ledge or hovering above it. There was room to hold the vehicle-jeep type-
that was parked on the ledge. Room enough on the ledge for a jeep. Steep-sided on one
side with a short wall around the ledge. Maybe this is the mountain...it was not named.
The information about Croatia-Turkey came at much later dates, more recently.

Update: November, 2006:(December follows)
Spirit says, "Relocated...OBL has been relocated...The squeamish tell of a long night of abridged movement.
He never moves. He is driven. He remains complacent. There is death
in his eyes, his heart.(Body alive?)As of 11/1, yes, quite so actually.
His mind lives and breathes quite rapidly. (Does US know where he is located?)
Yes. Quite extraordinary are the terms of his agreement with them. A concordance of terms
of quietude and interruption. We must begin to come to terms with his demands...
and our own demands....The Divine Kingdom...look for their...involvement...shipping truckloads of weaponry.
We keep him sleeping...high on a hill 'between two poles.'"(an expression meaning "sustenance in times of trouble.

Update 12/13/06
Spirit says, "His bride-to-be will welcome him "soon." She has asked that he be released
to her...She is located on the last trip home. OBL brings many things
to bear upon the mountain these days. A twin will bring him home.

The dimensions of his cell? 20 x 15 on the inside. Dimensions are short of the exterior size.
He sleeps with one elbow extended (to right?)because of injury.  He gives us three weeks
to come up with a solution. We bring granite and other
non___(materials) to be sure the sound remains inside. Secret meetings abroad...
many know already. There is that developing which must be kept very quiet for a while.
We begin to merger into a deal of monumental importance to all involved.
We broker an exchange for prisoners. It was to the best that they did not tell.
Partial settlement."
Editor's note: Spelling is not correct on the following name)

Separate items from all over
not necessarily linked to each other.

Spirit says,, "1. A greathouse on the Colony Square of a town near Genoa... overgrown with ferns. Small house.
'Bureau.' Once important to his people. "Who is there?"

2. 'There is that which wears a brown tie. One that gives an impression "Eagle"'.
Apostolic. Missionary. We believe he has gone under for purposes of slaying him. We believe he holds
the key to our return to good grace - to commonwealth."

Spirit says, "Pakistan begins its celebration of the New Year next month. One month later, it begins. (What?)
There is accord to be reached by the brethren. One mocks the astute ones at his own risk."

Spirit says, "2015 begins the terms of the Longfellows. We begin a shared celebration of many blessings."

Explorers: put this together:
Spirit says, "Bring back the others. We are tropical. Dimensions given are size appropriate. Helicopters can bring. Appropriations can...
Delta..Provisions..I Under the springs. Deltoid...Quantum bearings. Trunk load. Device falters.
Tr..Island.Phantom beings bring a cluster. Give a proportion to one who..
We will bring plenty. Make a brief departure so that we can develop enumerations in Q Code. Parallax."

Watch this country! Expansion in many ways. Business alliances with African countries and Japan,
broadband growth, and other alliances that will grow them at surprising rates.

Follow-up: Quote from: December 18, 2007: "Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Power shifts at climate meeting:" In the process, the talks appear to have sealed a major shift in the geopolitics of climate change....The big shift has come from developing countries, known collectively as "the G77 plus China. Led by China, South Africa, and Brazil, the group is beginning to flex its muscles in ways observers here have not seen before."

Spirit says, "That which figures to be determined will build bridges of hope to non-furnished regions--conglomerates of hope.
A weld. We bring a configuration of superior design; that which brings a profound disturbance of clans together
for the supportive invocation of divine ritual that will renew hope of a continent.
Next spring will resolve to hope. We gain acceptance as a broadband with unguided expertise in sewing a thread
for the 4-band. (Brazil) We will make adjustments to plane that will tell you what you need to hear--
guidance, telemetry, systems analysis, bridge development theories, quantum factors. BrightStar announces. Be there."

Spirit says, "That which begins...the one before, of a means to be brilliant, will betray the head
of the one group (ONE Group), ATRA POLL, after which will begin a group discussion of methods and remunerations.
You should tell them that one has died already and two shall remain understanding. Gerald can be seen under the two ahead. Hedgeway.
Already one can see others are well groomed for the fact. Make it to be one of the others that make
a twin kind. ATRA POLL defined: An organization of second pillar republicans whose virtue is
undeniably asuaged by its action. Committees are formed and legislation begins to renew old
acquaintanceships and republican adversaries are few."

Follow-up: Scandals and investigative hearings followed and are too numerous to mention here.

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