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Constitutional Democratic Republic versus Police State

Time to choose.

Wishing all of you continued peace and pleasant times. Occasionally it becomes necessary to be aware of other energies surrounding us, so that the wise can be helpful in guiding those who do not recognize the power of their decisions.

Over the past years brave Americans have fought in their personal and professional lives to maintain our Constitution-based country. They have fought to prevent loss of your constitutional rights - the 4th Amendment and 1st Amendments particularly. While many of my clients are supporting the efforts of troops overseas, they should also be aware of a more insideous and more long-lasting problem right here in our own country.
Those who really should have known better - some indeed would say that they not only knew, but had a direct plan - allowed the separation of powers (Executive, Congressional, and Justice branches) to become, in reality one branch for the duration of the past number of years. In addition, Patriot Act allowed for search and seizure of American citizens without probable cause, which is unconstitutional. FISA was designed for foreigners on our soil and for those who were on foreign soil, but was, in fact used on known U.S. citizens while on their own soil. Not just one or two citizens. Not mistakes. Look at the statistics. How many hundreds of thousands of American citizens have been secretly surveilled by NSA under the guise of National Security, collecting money to do so from that citizen's and your taxes. This is just a glimpse.

Think about it. If one wanted to take a constitutional democratic republic and turn it into a police state, what are the steps? First, you blend the powers by putting in the President and then place his "yes" people as head of the Justice Department and a majority of the Congress. That allows his "requests" to go right through and any criminal actions to be overlooked. Then by using scare tactics, you get the American public to go after each other and pay for a buildup of spies, police, security, informants, in fact, a growth industry, in spying. Colleges could sell programs, even degrees in it. NSA can even openly recruit on campuses. Towns could name ordinary people as possible terror connections and reap the millions of tax dollars that come to town with it: jobs, real estate deals, devices being put up (microphones, cameras, etc.). Businesses can be used to spy on you (ATT, MetroPCS, grocery stores, Bank of America, Fidelity Bank and others, internet sites...)The bottom line is that by the time a few years have passed the entire country has been wired and devices placed, spies are installed everywhere and the public has paid for the privilege of living like this! Meanwhile, by stirring up resentment of immigrants, it is suggested that the immigrant spend time in the military as a way to citizenship, thus building up the military. While that is happening, laws are passed that remove increasingly the rights of ordinary Americans to be armed. And, although there are justifiably good reasons in some cases to have someone "chipped," the onerous possibilities for use far outweigh the benefits for the majority of people. GPS is helpful if you are lost. But, if one is being stalked or traced without permission, GPS can be a hindrance rather than an aid to safety. In case you have not noticed, GPS is increasingly being placed in all cell phones and other devices worldwide. Great inventions used wisely and in the right hands. But, as history has also taught us, technology also falls into the hands of those who will manipulate it for personal power or gain or control over others.

Where is this going? One day, the citizens who have been writing the checks without asking questions, gladly calling themselves Patriots for putting their innocent neighbors in jail, wake up to a fully realized police state. "But my rights," they say. "What rights? You signed them away, remember? And paid for it, remember? We told you it was a war on terror. Remember?"

Who won?

The answer, in that case, are those who wanted to create a bloodless coup and the overthrow of the American government without an armed invasion. And, for the profit of the few by the "imprisonment" of the many in the new state.

Why do I bring this up now? Timing is everything. We are still at the stage where we can save the Constitution. We can say no to more spending and hold accountable those who have betrayed the American trust. We can reaffirm our commitment to what our ancestors died to bring us.   If not...if we let it continue onward to the police state and THEN decide that we want the old way to return, that will require something even harder to accomplish because police states do not, historically, volunteer to disband, pull up the devices, and retire. Power corrupts. And many of them will have guns. Unfortunately, by that time the only way to undo the police state will be with a full-blown revolution. Why wait until such an unfortunate scenario has to come about AGAIN. Again. Look at history. Let's learn something. Say "no" peacefully now. Sure there are people out there who mean us harm and we do not need to stop all spying. Reasonable spying. Real cases. But it is better to run the risk of a "bad guy" temporarily getting away than to imprison an entire nation. We like creating jobs, but not an "industry" of spying which is profitable. Capitalism can lead to greed and corruption. So, it becomes even more important for those in positions of power and profit to help save the Constitution.

Police State? Or Constitution.

They are not compatible. You cannot have them both at the same time. They are two different forms of government. You will need to choose or it becomes chosen for you. You can vote "no" by writing, calling, visiting, emailing your congressmen and women now. Tell them that Patriot Act is not appropriate here (unconsitutional) and that FISA has been corrupted and abused here (used on American citizens) and that you want to support efforts to repeal the laws and make things right again. You can be aware that the steps to building a police state have been made already and that the next steps - to declare a state of emergency and delay elections - would suspend indefinitely and perhaps permanently your constitutional rights (to assemble, to free speech, etc.) and keep the current administration in place... There are so many reasons that could be used as an excuse to declare a state of emergency (global warming, open borders, etc.) that, at this stage in the process, we must be very careful of the leadership in charge of such decision-making. As usual, follow the money: who benefits?

We are such peaceful people and that can lead to "not wanting to get involved." But, if you live here, you are already involved. As they say, you are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem. Not everyone is brave enough to testify before congress or go on television or risk losing their job. But everyone who pays taxes or votes or speaks with people who do can wake up their friends to this. If you wait until the election, are you quite certain they will even bother to have you vote? Now is the time.

America needs another kind of "Patriot."

The American public is awakening to this vast fraud (how many tax dollars have they spent per illegal/unconstitutional case?) and threat. A judge has ruled the Patriot Act unconstitutional and FISA requires that a U.S. citizen NOT be the target of the surveillance/hacking/investigation. What can you do? Gather evidence of wrongdoing and encourage folks to make their concerns known to groups like the ACLU and congress. Refuse to spy on a citizen. Say "no." See it happening illegally? Take photos/videos/recordings and date/time them. Save as evidence which the person may need. Be Patriotic.

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