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A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S


B R I D G E  O F  L I F E

There is that bridge that others
would suppose to be of glass divided
(or quantum make-up of divine nature). When one
supposes such things there is that given that
presupposes an ending to cause break-ups of
structural identity - a quantum figure of undertaking.
That said the understood nature of things notwithstanding
of cause reflects the beatitude
(beatitude = light; resonance = sound)
of first order,
...lacking sufficient data for...

First, be among you the brethren, given of
a nature consequential. The last be
of a time forgotten of cause and effect.
The fortitude of the last given over
to better the likenesses of same.

Animosities begin when we are herewith given
an understanding of the nature of things, the cause
of the first forgiveness when party reigned...
____ brought forth a glacial amenity and saw within
it a collossal undertaking that would result
- could only result - in chaos to the extreme.
We forthwith gave our understanding to the one
of the truest nature of things, bringing
about the tremendous changes once described as the
"Big Thirst," a time of delinquent
abridgements and understatements.

We begin with the second, when one
would undertake to give restraint to a quantity
of burghers and others too frequent to count. Then
began the devastation.

We were made for this understanding.
We were made for this beginning.
We were indeed beginning to see
a difference, but we gave it a week of
happenstance and it fell through,
all unabridged.

Were we to see that circumstances change
all too often, then we could see
also that too many times we bring a good
understanding to ourselves

Let us begin again. Anew.
To ourselves, we must start and go
from that point forward so that many will be given
the part they need to collect...

Make an effort with the twins.
Do it on their behalf.
One fell behind...
R...... and L..
We branch out to another one
left behind after the invasion. Forest.
We left behind two of them.
(Deliberately?) Yes. We found
them to be unique and, following on that,
we investigated many errors in typing...
avenues were breached. Common _____
were not given correctly. Gene types
replaced by others. Another species given dominance.
Once we realized this, we saw
at once that there were those who would
need severence from the system.
After about a week, there were other
notables that.....
gene types were perennial then
- one type - two "clones," so to speak,
one differentiated from the other slightly
by breathing new life into them - polymorphing,
if you will, a new type. The rest were taken
aloft for a new turn. We relinquish original terms
and conditions because we surrender
responsibility for them.



DISCLAIMER: These are not my words but those of
the spirit-mind world. If you do not agree
with their version...talk to them. I am just the messenger!

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