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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now

A N G L I C A S'
D I S T I N C T   O R I G I N

In other observations of angelicas, we see a
temperature difference of a few degrees fahrenheit
at both hot and cold temperature ranges.

Angelicas are of a distinct origin...
all their own...one of furtive understanding.
Migration at beginning. We bring an intuitive
understanding to the premise. They originally
came from a place of spherical dimensions small.
A logical understanding of thermal dynamics
brings us closer to sun to bring things closer to study.

Finding? With antenna...noon. Build the antenna
up a bit (after tearing it down first). Peak.
Signals sent? A bit. Planetary stuff.
A level above noise. Begin by building telescope.
Setting it to respond to high (frequency?) signals.
Low noise level setting. Bring it
up a bit - a mite. Thermostatic changes.
At left a design forms, a signal.
Tighten it up a bit...mid-range, adjust.
Bring it back a bit. You should find it.
Be very sure you are quiet.

To be continued...

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Applied PSI allows communication
in the meantime and the
way to structural healing.

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