A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


F R O M   T H E   F I L E S  O F
A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
R e a l   L i f e  G h o s t  S t o r i e s



(Asha addresses spirit:)
So...I see you sitting on your high-backed rattan chair, your hair dark brown and neatly combed. Slim hands
hold pen and you are writing a letter. Your sleeves are long, ending slightly
beyond the wrist over the back of the right hand. The room around you appears to
be an inside porch or what we now call a "Florida room," rectangular, with dappled late
afternoon sunlight giving a golden brown ambiance. The room is furnished
with rattan, including a large high-backed chair and small rugs. What is your name?

Everett. Most.
If we can be brief, I will summarize for you. Belvedere was coast. I was midland.

Same story?

No. Location...We are an island nation and one with a small population it seems.
We are dissolute. Our nature being given of a bare basic aspect. Summary
acquaintance...ship. We bring substantials to an agreement. Ansbury (Onsbury?sp?)...
I want to take a nap. Actuary. We are most disturbed by the Autumn. Not
mostly because of the view, but because we want everyone to see the difference a
Spring makes. While we are making due with climatary tones, we want an expert
to see that we bring a Lordship home. Webb. Actuarial
costs run high...Servitude is likely.

Were you an actuary?

Title bringer.

And what happened?

Gisard comes down and gives us a clean slate. We make a one to bring most
of what one can. He doesn't care one whiff for me, but I can see the
(Dutch?) tungsten will bring an earned revenue soon.

Describe your nationality, your life.

I was mostly white and one with the earnest demeanor. My first love
was El (Elvira?), a nurse. I am one with the breeze now.
I was formidible. Gone away on marriage to
young Curtain (Kirtain(sp?), bringer of train wrecks. Be still, love. Write.
Never forget the advocates. You are with family now. We appear different and we
can never be left off the fork...Bringer of Light...

What nationality were you in that life?



Announcements were made of many things - family never.

Titles to what?

Of deliberance (deliverance?)...blue. Ineptitude. Twilight brings changes
to be seen here. We bring our own experts. Thunder overhead. A ruined evening. My book.
I am writing my notes for Eldridge.

What is it that is written?

A trim accounting for The Maine. We rebuke
the findings of the counsel (council-sp?). We bring charges.

Which counsel?


Why did you rebuke?

Too cheap and we see soon your remarks to be under...1812...The authority
to bring change is here. He will bring another and swift response is certain.
We cannot bring the evening to a close. The evenings were warm, the play
gregarious of the neighbors'children. But we had islands.

Did you name the book?

Twilight Ramblings or Hoot'n Toot. Play renowned.

Several island groups are referenced within the lifetime. One was
Isla Guenac (Quenac) of the Archipelago de Chiloe. Everett
referenced his birth in the Phillipines prior
to living elsewhere.

Note: Is this a reference to The Maine, a ship?
Date given is possibly 1812, though would seem a reference to a document or law of that year.


DISCLAIMER: These are not my words but those of
the spirits themselves. If you do not agree
with their version...talk to them...
I am just the messenger!
Also, sometimes I hear and see and, at
other times, only hear...and so, I do the
best I can with spelling of names and places...

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