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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


Asha of Antares, known in the field since the 1980s, is a well-known and respected walk-in who uses mediumship and other psi abilities to assist clients with phenomena that is outside the "box"...(even beyond SMART BOXES!) hearing ancients explain the beginnings and endings... staying in front of NOW. Asha has worked with thousands of persons over more than twenty years as a professional and in the years as a non-professional prior to that. She has given seminars and workshops and spoken in numerous states across the country. Most well known throughout the late '80s and '90s for her connection with extraterrestrials and ufo's and the concept that we have never been and are not now "alone," Asha has also been working in everyday form to assist landwalkers.

Asha has been filmed for cable TV and CBS local news, Time Warner's "Mysteries of the Unexplained" Series, and for Actuality Productions' documentary for the History Channel about the infamous McGurk's Suicide Hall in New York. She has also appeared in magazines and trade shows. Traveling nationally and internationally whenever she can, Asha provides lectures, classes, and consultations using applied PSI. Research, investigations, and searches offer opportunities to apply PSI to mystery-solving. With years of experience working with haunted properties, she has learned to ask her client, "Do you want to be rid of your spirit/s or to communicate with them?"

Asha of Antares is also known as a psychic-medium, and a proponent of applied psi. She teaches direct energy field integration, incorporating mind blending and simplifies it for humans with alpha resonance. She is often called a "teacher of teachers" with many of her pupils and clients now teachers themselves.

Her earthbound educational background includes anthropology, archaeology, Fine Art and travel, with some aeronautics and SCUBA sprinkled in. ASHA speaks English, Spanish, some French, a bit of German and a teeny bit of Arabic and others. She channels numerous modern and ancient languages as they are heard.


ANTARIAN ENTERPRISES is Asha's "Production" gang and is behind the production of "RIPPERS IN AMERICA" and "TARGET" from the Vulnerables Series and the upcoming "MOON" project. Asha of Antares is an ANTARIAN enterprise. Many of Asha'a regular clients know that Asha occasionally works on these field projects. PROJECTS Some of these projects require going "into character" in order to reach those who could not otherwise be reached. The character then must go through whatever transpires and remain "in character." Her give-back project, RACKETEERS IN AMERICA involved "vulnerables," and is nicknamed, the "Homeless Project." VULNERABLES SERIES.

ANCIENTS is a growing and expanding online book, the continuation of the one Asha spoke about during the 80s and 90s during lectures. Pages will be added from time to time. Her second book, REAL LIFE GHOSTS' STORIES contains forty or more of her real tales. APPLIED PSI is a sampling of topics addressed using Asha's direct energy field blending approach for real-life situations.

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For those who understand how it works for messengers here on Planet Earth, IT'S ALL GOOD. STAY TUNED...

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